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    Professional Services - Expatriates

Professional Services - Expatriates

BDO provides specialist support services on issues of posting of workers (expatriates), both in terms of employment, tax and social security aspects.

When sending employees overseas companies face numerous complexities, both for their employees and their organization: multi-jurisdictional tax laws, expatriate policy design, global retirement planning, analysis of individual markets, and more. Deciphering it all is rarely an efficient use of company resources – and exactly why clients ask our help. BDO is among the world’s largest and most respected accounting and advisory organizations, with experienced professionals on-ground in more than 160 countries.

A Global Mobility Program starts by defining each client’s unique objectives: Is the company expanding into a new country? Or a new region? Is the purpose to build business? Re-locate production? Improve service to existing customers? BDO professionals work closely with clients to help design assignee selection criteria, policies, market analyses, communication plans, repatriation strategies, timing recommendations, and cost-benefit analyses.

Social Security contributions and taxes related to overseas assignments are particularly complex, from both the employee and company perspective. BDO’s Expatriate Tax professionals work to minimize tax burden and compliance risk, help clients decipher the applicability of regulations, and implement sound payroll tax policies and procedures for all relevant countries. We develop strategies for employee transitions and make recommendations to ensure that clients retain key talent – the most valuable asset in today’s global economy.